Invest in Commercial Cannabis and Luxury Coffee

Secure a stake in cannabis production just as the global market turns to Jamaica for supply solutions. Invest in the island’s historic luxury product.

Of supply chain costs can be cut by Jamaican cannabis producers.
Of Canadian cannabis businesses closed because of supply shortages last year.
historic coffee yields through commercial investment in new estates.
per pound at market. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is among the world's most valuable.
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Investing in Commercial Cannabis and Luxury Coffee

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Jamaica is poised to supply the global cannabis market.

of Canadian cannabis businesses have been forced to close because of supply shortages. Globally, cost-prohibitive cultivation supplies just 30% of consumer demand.
In 2021, Jamaica will pass regulations to export legal cannabis to over 30 countries worldwide, becoming a world leader in cannabis production.
Jamaican producers can cut cultivation and operating expenses by nearly 80%, lowering costs for partners and remodeling the global cannabis supply chain.
Massive Therapeutics and Blue Mountain Best are revolutionizing investment in Jamaica's Blue Mountains.
Investment in Massive Therapeutics and Blue Mountain Best ties the market potentials of legal cannabis to the global revenues of exclusive luxury coffee. Together, we accelerate Jamaica's potential to lead the cannabis industry and advance global retail growth for the island's historic coffee.

Worldwide Growth for Luxury Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is among the world’s oldest and most expensive luxury coffees, routinely valued over $100 per pound at market.
Only 3% of Jamaican coffee farmers receive proper support from industry actors. We commit 100% support to our partners through extension services and equitable investment.
Large-scale commercial cultivation, funded by global investment and partnered with local farms, is more than doubling coffee yields per acre and returning profits to family farmers.
Massive Therapeutics is a medical and recreational cannabis producer based in Jamaica, ready to supply the global industry with affordable cannabis.

Massive Therapeutics’ ability to cultivate cost-effectively in modern hybrid greenhouses solves cannabis supply insecurity across the world.

“Those who get their [cannabis] supply chains right,” a recent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers read, “have the opportunity to become market leaders, while those that do not are likely to incur excessive costs, miss commitments and lose market share.”

Massive Therapeutics will scale to 50 modern hybrid cannabis greenhouses in three years.
$46 million
Massive Therapeutics’ greenhouses will grow nearly 25 million grams of cannabis each year, a wholesale value of over $46 million.
Massive Therapeutics’ expenses to grow one pound of cannabis amount to $100. In Canada, costs exceed $400 for the same amount
As a result, Massive Therapeutics can sell cannabis at roughly 30% the wholesale cannabis price in North America.
Secure a stake in global cannabis growth. Invest in a historic luxury product.

Directly invest in Massive Therapeutics and Blue Mountain Best. Or broker a modern hybrid greenhouse, parcel of coffee acreage, or bundle of both in a joint investment.

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Blue Mountain Best is a producer and processor of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, championing equity for small farmers and worldwide retail growth for a historic luxury product.

Blue Mountain Best uses farm syndication to bring equitable investment to community farms, champion direct trade, and introduce the historic profits of the specialty coffee market to sought after Blue Mountain coffee.

“With many consumers unable to buy coffee in person,” the US Chamber of Commerce wrote recently, “[luxury] coffee companies that offer home delivery are seeing strong demand.”

Blue Mountain Best will operate among the largest coffee growing estates in the Blue Mountains, totaling over 500 acres.
As a coffee processor, Blue Mountain Best partners with over 400 small family farmers in the Blue Mountains, together totaling over 1,000 acres.
Blue Mountain Best’s coffee production more than doubles the region’s average, while working to improve cultivation on small farms.
At full potential, Blue Mountian Best will export over 850,000 pounds of certified Blue Mountain coffee each year, a retail value over $70 million.
Massive Therapeutics is a medical and recreational cannabis producer based in Jamaica.
In 2021, Jamaica will pass export regulations for legal cannabis. With 50 modern hybrid greenhouses, Massive Therapeutics will produce $46 million in wholesale cannabis revenue per year, lowering supply chain costs for the global market by 80% from the Caribbean.
“Jamaican could likely emerge as the market’s solution for cost-friendly production. Massive Therapeutics will already be turning multimillion dollar profits.”

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Blue Mountain Best is a producer of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, championing global retail growth for a historic luxury product.
Drawing on 1,500+ acres of certified Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, Blue Mountain Best will produce and process over $70 million of luxury coffee per year.
“The success of luxury producers like Blue Mountain Best rides the tide of market change, setting precedent for the future of coffee consumption."

A unique opportunity for accredited investors.

With a minimum investment of $25,000, investing in Massive Therapeutics guarantees a stake in cannabis production as the global industry looks to Jamaica, while investment in Blue Mountain Best secures profits from a luxury estate primed for worldwide retail growth.

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